when i picture today

It’s a bloggy trend at the minute to take a picture every day or every week of the year, in an attempt to capture life in all its daily detail. Some people take pictures monthly with their babies–here it is in foam bath letters, here it is in Cheerios: “five months.”

Somehow photographs like this have a way of illuminating the grace behind the ordinary. The picture says “this was right now” in a way that helps our memories plant markers in fast-flying time, to seize details to remember amidst so much we will forget. It doesn’t matter that sometimes the details we capture are the small things, because there aren’t any small things, really.

I haven’t done a project like this, and probably won’t. But sometimes I do wonder: if I was taking a picture to “capture” today, at what moment would I take it?

Harriet Saying “Bye” to Daddy?

When Harriet Was Trying Frantically to Steal Norah’s Biscuit on the Bus and Then Norah Suddenly Gave It to Her, With a Little Love-Pat? 

When I Found a Large Framed Watercolor Print of Those Old Cottages in Bibury for My Oxford Wall for Just £1 at the French Market (and Bought It)?  or

{Five Minutes Later} When I Smashed the Glass on the Bibury Print With My Knee While Trying to Maneuver the Buggy?

The Sun on the Forsythia Along the Path? 

Cutting Out Gingerbread Cookies With the Girls (As Flour Snows Softly Down Over Everything)?

What’s your moment today?

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3 Responses to when i picture today

  1. reflectionsofmj says:

    Driving home from a grueling, nausea-inducing track practice with the windows down and the radio up (for once, exhilaratingly, the DJs were choosing perfect music nearly the whole way home), wondering at the goodness of hard work and reveling in the goodness of God in giving me strength to do so much more all day than I had thought possible when I groggily climbed out of bed this morning.

  2. reflectionsofmj says:

    MJ=Madeline, by the way 😉 WordPress is doing something funky with how I have to sign in/ sign my name, and apparently the outcome is my old WordPress username… Reminds me of how I absent-mindedly signed my French-class-name, “Mireille”, on a physics quiz today… That was a wee bit awkward. 🙂

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