Thursday: Jesus is the Good Shepherd (John 10)

Have you ever seen a sheep? What do they look like? Sheep are animals that don’t have any claws or sharp teeth to defend themselves with. They don’t run very fast and they don’t have big wings to fly away from danger. Sheep need to be protected by a shepherd. Jesus said that if the shepherd doesn’t care about the sheep, the shepherd will run away and leave the sheep to be eaten or scattered when a lion or a wolf comes. But if the sheep are his own, he will protect his sheep even if he has to give up his own life. Jesus said that he is the Good Shepherd and his people are like sheep. He was going to lay down his life–die–to save his people. Just like sheep hear the voice of their own shepherd and follow him anywhere (John 10:27), Jesus said he knows us and we know him. As Jesus’ sheep we are safe in his hands, and he laid down his life for us.

Dear Jesus, Thank you for loving us so much that you came to give up your life for us! Thank you for being our Good Shepherd and protecting us. Help us to know your voice and follow you like a sheep follows the shepherd. Amen. 

Activity: Hold the stuffed sheep/lambs and talk about what they are like: {How could they protect themselves from danger?} Bring the lion on the scene: {Why might the sheep need protection?} Gather in and “protect” the sheep.

(No activity tomorrow)

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