Wednesday: Jesus Opens the Eyes of the Blind (John 9)

Who is Jesus? Jesus is God’s only son that he sent into our world to save his people from their sins. We will be reading the story of how Jesus saved us every day until Easter. While he was on earth, Jesus taught about God’s kingdom and helped people in need. Have you learned about a time when he did this? One of the people that Jesus healed was a man who was born blind. He had eyes, but he couldn’t see anything with them. When Jesus saw the blind man, he made some mud and put it on the man’s eyes. When the man washed it off, he could see! When the priests and the leaders of the people heard what had happened to him, they asked him what Jesus had done. When the man told them, they were upset. They did not want to trust Jesus. “We don’t know where Jesus came from,” they told him. The man who could see was very surprised. “No one has ever been able to make a blind man see,” he cried. “If Jesus did not come from God, he couldn’t do this.” The blind man was right. Jesus came from God.

Dear God, we thank you for sending Jesus into the world, and giving us the Bible so we can learn about him. We are like the blind man who can’t see, but you can open our eyes. Amen. 

Activity: Before or after the reading, blindfold the child(ren) and lead them around: (What would it  be like to be blind?) When you take off the blindfold: (What must the man have felt when Jesus healed him?)



For tomorrow’s activity we’ll need: stuffed animals–sheep and lion or bear


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6 Responses to Wednesday: Jesus Opens the Eyes of the Blind (John 9)

  1. mom kirk says:

    Hi Bets, What did the girls say when they were blindfolded?? I can picture it! Is the stain glass from the church in Buford that we visited? I am so excited for you and your parents – what fun you will have…love, mom

    • betsy says:

      Norah loved the blindfolding–she wanted every one of us to try it, even Harriet, who thought it was hilarious. But I do think she really understood the story, so hooray for that. The stained glass IS from Burford–you are amazing!

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  3. sharon mac says:

    Mummy Mac and I are reading through these and appreciating them! I didn’t try out the activities on her though!! Big love to you all.

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