Easter Readings for the Very Young: List of Themes

:::UPDATE::: I forgot to mention that I will be including activity suggestions for some of the days. I will add beneath each day where this is the case the materials we will use for the activities, in case anyone is interested in the same activities and would like to prepare materials. :::

As some of you may remember, Alex and I wrote a series of twenty-four Advent Readings for the Very Young for our daughters (and this blog) back in December. I just wanted to mention that I am writing twelve Easter Readings for the Very Young to post Wednesday, March 28 through Easter Sunday, April 8. (I will be asking Alex to pre-read these for me, which will doubtless result in many changes for the better before publication.) I’ve provided a list of headings below, if any one is interested in joining us in reading these with our little ones.

As I have prayerfully considered this project, I have decided to base the readings on the account of Jesus’ death and resurrection in the Gospel of John. Thus there is no reading this year on “Jesus is the Lamb” and I have gone to the synoptic Gospels for the account of the Last Supper. I have begun four days before Palm Sunday to get us thinking on the life of Jesus before Holy Week begins. That way, even though we may be reading at the moment in different places in the Bible, we can all pick up here and know where we’re at.

The memory verse we will be reviewing nightly with this series is John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

Easter Readings for the Very Young
Wednesday, March 28: Jesus Opens the Eyes of the Blind (John 9): blindfold
Thursday, March 29: Jesus is the Good Shepherd (John 10): stuffed animals: lion and lambs
Friday, March 30: Jesus and the Disciples (John 11:1-16)
Saturday, March 31: Jesus Raises Lazarus (John 11:17-57): roll of toilet paper
Palm Sunday, April 1: Jesus Enters Jerusalem (John 12:12-19): palm branches; real or paper
Holy Monday, April 2: Jesus Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14): 2-3 pieces poster board, brown construction paper or cardboard
Holy Tuesday, April 3: Jesus Has the Greatest Love (John 15)
Holy Wednesday, April 4: Jesus Washes Feet (John 13): water, soap, towels
Maundy Thursday, April 5: The Last Supper (Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22): bread, grape juice
Good Friday, April 6: Jesus Dies On the Cross (John 18-19:1-30): a few candles
Holy Saturday, April 7: Jesus Is Buried In the Tomb (John 19:31-42): felt or paper figures
Easter Sunday, April 8: Jesus Is Risen From the Dead (John 20): bells, musical instruments

You are very welcome to join us. Please do send along any suggestions or ideas you may have for helping our littlest ones understand the Savior that we celebrate at this season!

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