of Goat’s {surprise!} birthday

At rest time yesterday Norah told me in a whisper that it was Goat’s birthday. I had no idea. Things have been a bit busy lately, but I couldn’t believe I almost missed it. Goat had told Norah that he was feeling a bit badly. I told her not to worry–Goat’s surprise party would start right after rest time and that would cheer him up in no time!

Fortunately I had a few little things on hand that would make perfect gifts for Goat. There was no time to bake, so I quickly stuck a candle in a cookie and blew up a few balloons. When Norah and “the Friends” emerged from rest time, everything was ready.

A wonderful time was had by all. Norah helped Goat blow out his candle, eat his “cake”, and open his gifts. She told me repeatedly how much fun he was having. She also said it might be his birthday again tomorrow.

Goat is special, I said. But birthdays only come once a year!

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4 Responses to of Goat’s {surprise!} birthday

  1. Three cheers for pulling together an excellent party in no time at all – how could Goat help having so much fun? : )

  2. Alex says:

    Happy Birthday, Goat! You are growing up so fast.

  3. jen says:

    Oh, I loved this! And that last picture of N just about made my heart melt inside. I love that you love your daughter so well (AND that silly little goat that has come to make its way into all of your hearts!)

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