of valentine’s fun

It’s very Valentine-y around here. Tomorrow Norah, Harriet, and I are having a Mother-Daughter Valentine’s Tea for some friends, so we’ve been busy baking, decorating, and planning. It’s nice to have a little something to look forward to in February.

I’m not sure when or where I first saw this idea, it isn’t my own, but it seemed perfect for my little painter. One bends a toilet paper roll into a heart shape and stamps away.

She loved it and went on to create a masterpiece for The Gallery.

Valentines were needed because our activity at the tea will be making Valentine’s “post-boxes”. The girls (with their moms) will each decorate a tissue box collage-style with pink and red papers and craft supplies. After tea, the girls will go around and “post” valentines to one another in the boxes.

I’ve strung them with ribbons so they can be carried home, full of Valentine delights.

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4 Responses to of valentine’s fun

  1. Deanna says:

    So excited!
    PS – The tissue box with ribbon handles idea is truly brilliant.

  2. Pam Lowther says:

    I LOVE the toilet paper tube idea! Another fun project that I think you’ll love is to make a heart out of their hands. Have Norah put her hands in red paint and turn each around so that the fingers overlap at the bottom and wrists are up. It should come out in a heart shape. This will be one to do again later and compare the size of their hands! I haven’t tried it yet but am going to this weekend. 🙂

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