of Norah, for her fan club

Here she is, wearing her new necklace. Several months ago, when Norah developed a habit of biting her nails all the time, I told her we would work together to break the habit and the day she had all ten nails grown back, I would buy her first necklace. And she did it. So we went to town this morning on a Very Important Errand. She chose the necklace herself.

The girl loves to dance. Norah’s dancing is like a track runner meets country hoedown. She generally darts off and bedecks herself with a random assortment of decorative apparel before beginning her hokey revolutions and spirited side-kicks. (Sweatpants, tutus, stocking caps, bedroom slippers, and aprons have all been favoured. On one memorable occasion, all at once.)

One of her nicknames is still Little Bug, though we {wisely} dropped its many mutations, including Bugger, when we moved to England. Some of the others are Sparky and No-No. Norah’s a nicknamer herself; she calls me “Honey” as often as Mommy (“Don’t worry, Honey! I will obey you!”) and has dubbed her father both “Da-doo” and “Studydud” (one cannot deny her genius for this sort of thing). Goat, for a short while this afternoon, would only answer to “Caroleena”.

She also loves to do “cwafts” or anything creative and to read stories. And if I ask her to help me in the kitchen, she drops what she’s doing and sprints for a stepstool. (“Yes! Yes, Honey! I’m coming! I will help you!”) One of her main delights is a family movie night or anytime she’s allowed to watch a Thomas the Tank Engine or her few episodes of Dora the Explorer. I tend to allow this more frequently in January than any other time. (As a result, I now find myself singing the Thomas theme song in the shower.)

I sometimes care for another little girl almost exactly the same age, Norah’s best friend. I recently had a chance to notice that, if a video is on, the little girl sits and watches it. This was a revelation to me. Before that I thought probably all three-year-olds danced, changed clothes twice, climbed the furniture, ran in circles, and threw pillows during a 20-minute episode.

Norah’s still a huge “people-person”. She wants everyone to have a baby. She asked me yesterday when each of her grandparents will have another baby. She makes lots of friends on buses (especially since we’ve curbed her tendency to voice her observations of other passengers’ persons or anatomy). Today she introduced Goat (as “Caroleena”) and informed the lady behind us that sometimes he bites. She also loves having guests, going on visits, and planning events. Next week she and I are having a Mother-Daughter Valentine’s Tea Party and she has ideas to discuss every day. (“Let’s get some bayyoons for the tea powty, Honey!”)

Every minute Norah’s awake words and wiggles spill from her about equally. And kisses. She’s very affectionate. Nay, I would say sappy. I have managed to convince her that blowing kisses is better most of the time, so little noisy smacks now pepper the greetings and goodbyes we offer all our acquaintances.

I wouldn’t change her one little bit. She’s really the sweetest, quirkiest little miss in the world.

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11 Responses to of Norah, for her fan club

  1. Pam Lowther says:

    Aw, sweet little Norah. Her energy and excitement for life remind me so of Abigail. It’s eerie to me how similar our children seem to be. Your girls are just so beautiful and precious. Enjoy them (even in the challenges when I know it’s hard)! Thanks for the beautifully written update! I feel like I was there for a brief moment to see you all again. 🙂

  2. Rachael Ross says:

    Oh my goodness… you are such an amazing writer and photographer!! these are beautiful snippets of both of your darling children!!
    I love these little updates, and the care shown shows what awesome parents you guys are…(I know I’ve said this.. but still.. it’s true) You’re the mother I want to be when I grow up… 🙂 Thank you!!

  3. sharon mac says:

    She’s a wee darling! I’m looking forward to my tea party with Norah and my tea out party with her cute mum! Miss you mucho! P.S. If you not strong enough for Focus, I’ll happily stand in for ya! mucho love.

  4. mom kirk says:

    Oh Bets, these two are SUCH a blessing for a Mia’s heart!! I love the pictures and the descriptions of your darling girls…I am also thankful that you are better and feeling like blogging again…I have missed my nightly “fix” ( I have had to turn to “reruns”) ( which are also wonderful)…I am hoping that you can send the pictures to me…at least some of them…like the one of Norah helping Harriet to walk and any one of the Norah at the picture window…just lovely! mom

  5. Sarah says:

    What precious girls you have!

  6. Caitlin says:

    Miss Norah is such a little “yady”!

  7. Amberly says:

    Sweet Norah. I love to watch her dance. I love that she is free and could care less about what is going on around her. I love her boundless energy and tight hugs. I love her tenderness and sensitivity to God. I love her prayers and her open heart.

  8. J says:

    Absolutely beautiful little girl you are, NJ! The first picture makes her look so grown up! Weren’t you just calling me to tell me you were pregnant with her?!

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