of two little angels and an angelic Goat

Our church has a carol service a week or two before Christmas every year, where the children are invited to dress like people (or animals) in the story of Jesus’ birth. Carols are sung, the Christmas message is delivered in brief and simpler form, and the place is crawling with noisy and adorable little shepherds, sheep, Josephs, Marys, and angels. (I also noticed two chickens and a dinosaur). Norah and Harriet went as angels.

Here’s Harriet at home beforehand, practicing flying around the living room.

And Norah on her way to church, Goat in tow, with her angel pillowcase costume. As it was a cold and rainy night we had cut through a mall, where the Christmas tree decorations suspended from the ceiling look to her like giant carrots. (And where she also points at Father Christmas/Santa Claus every time and exclaims loudly, “Who is that?”)

I love the church at Christmas-time. Especially over here, where the old-fashioned splendor of the classic structure and the stained glass lends the perfect backdrop to candles and carols.

Here’s my little angels. Goat’s costume was the easiest–I’d sewn Norah’s baby a white gown which we borrowed and trimmed with a little gold thread. After the service the children are served tea (supper) in little boxes at their seats, while the adults have warm punch and mince pies. Then a mad dash through freezing rain–and home to bed.

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4 Responses to of two little angels and an angelic Goat

  1. mom kirk says:

    ahhh and such sweet angels they are! it made me so happy to see a slice of your Christmas and celebration…God bless you as you remember and rejoice in His coming…love, mom

  2. Liz says:

    This brings to mind my favorite Christmas memory – Redding, England….Anie was nearly 2 – a Carol Sing in a beautiful cathedral – snow gently falling outside – ahh….Christmas in England. I’m so glad you shared the pictures of your little “angels” – I’m sure they will treasure these memories as they get older. Merry Christmas dear, dear Betsy and Alex and “angels”!! Love to you!

  3. nateandmiriam says:

    i went to that service in Christmas of 2007…it was amazing to sing carols and then be handed a mince pie 🙂

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