of Oxford at Christmas and the light night date

Best nearly-free Oxford date in December? Head into town for the annual lighting of the Christmas lights. Each of the roads that lead into Oxford’s core are arched with lights in different styles in early November, and they are all lit on December 2. My favorites are the bicycles over the High. They’re just so Oxford. (I’ve been meaning to post about the Oxford High Street for a year. Maybe once I do you’ll see why.)

On the Night of Lights the town is full of festivities: a flashing and whirling carnival is set up on St. Giles, and the German Christmas market opens at the Oxford castle. We headed to the castle.

The night was a frosty one, but we drank hot mulled wine and wandered through the crowds (where I spotted several interesting people).

 I love hanging out with this guy. He even lets me take his picture.

Oxford, at Christmas, is lovely. So are D.A.T.E.S.
What’s your best winter date idea? 

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2 Responses to of Oxford at Christmas and the light night date

  1. Deanna says:

    You are the first person I’ve heard say that they enjoyed that night. All others have primarily noted the packed streets and pushy locals. Glad you had a good time though! I took Ben to Gino’s this week for his b-day (per your recommendation) – so good!

    • betsy says:

      I’m surprised to hear that people don’t like it! I can’t imagine why. And way to go on Gino’s–Oxford’s best kept secret. Did you try the ravioli?

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