{Day 6} The First Wise Man: God Promised a Great King

This is one of the “wise men,” or magi. In Jesus’ time wise men served foreign kings. Do you know what a king is? A king is the ruler of a nation. He is the leader of everyone that is in his kingdom, for as long as he lives. Long, long ago God promised his people many times that he would raise up a great king for them. He promised them that this king would do only what is right and good. The people of Israel had many kings, but most of them did not do what is right and did not lead the people in God’s ways. Each of Israel’s kings died, and then the people would need a new king. But God’s promised king would rule forever and ever–his kingdom would never end. All of Israel was waiting for God to send them this great king. Then there would be justice and righteousness and peace in their land . . . forever.

Dear God, we long for your peace to reign in this world. We thank you for promising a king whose reign would never end. Amen.

Bible Readings: Isaiah 11:1-9; Hebrews 1:7-13

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