{Day 4} The Lamb: Jesus Died to Save Us

Do you remember that we have all sinned against God? The wrong things we do hurt us and they can hurt others. But most of all, when we sin we are disobeying God. God is holy, so our sins mean we must die. Our sins need to be forgiven by God. In the time before Jesus came God forgave the people’s sins by having a lamb die instead of the people. This was part of the Law that God gave to Moses. The Law was pointing ahead to Jesus’ coming. It was to show what Jesus would do. He would die for our sins instead of us. Jesus is called the Lamb of God because he died on the cross to save us. God saves us through Jesus.

Dear God, thank you for having such an amazing plan to save us from our sins! Thank you for sending Jesus to be the lamb. Help us to trust in Him. Amen.

Bible Readings: Exodus 12:21-27; Acts 8:26-38

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4 Responses to {Day 4} The Lamb: Jesus Died to Save Us

  1. Lydia Erdmann says:

    Hey! I know this is random, but I was wondering where you go the little, wooden nativity set that is on your page. My mom had one just like it and I’d love to find one!

    • betsy says:

      The wooden nativity in the header was my mom’s, we always played with it when we were kids. She let me have it, and it’s my favorite Christmas thing. I’m sorry not to be more helpful!

      • Lydia Erdmann says:

        Well, darn. I was the same way, but I think my mom lost hers. If you ever stumble across another, I’d love to know! Oh, and we are loving the advent readings. Definitely going to be a new tradition at our house. Thanks for sharing!!

      • betsy says:

        I hope you find one! And we’re so glad you’re enjoying the readings!

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