{Day 3} The First Sheep: We Have All Gone Astray

Do you remember what “Advent” means? We have learned that in Advent we are remembering when Jesus came and waiting for him to come again. But why did God send Jesus into the world? God sent Jesus because every person in the world has a big problem. We are all sinners–we all do wrong things. We disobey God just like Adam and Eve did. The Bible says we are all like sheep: we wander off our own way, far from God. We can’t get back to God on our own. Jesus needed to come to save us from our sins and bring us back to God. By doing this, Jesus showed that God is righteous and merciful. He showed God’s glory.

God, we confess that we all wander off our own way. We confess that we have sinned against you. Please forgive us for our sins. Thank you for sending Jesus into the world to bring us back to you! Amen. 

Bible Readings: Isaiah 53:4-6; Romans 3:19-26

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