of Advent and an apology

Oh no, I have really messed up. Some weeks ago I wrote on this blog that Alex and I were writing Advent Readings for the Very Young to do with our girls and that I had decided to post them on the blog, inviting anyone who wished to read along with us. I also linked to the nativity set we bought on Amazon (except we bought the UK version), thinking I may encounter a few questions about where we found it. Then I posted a calendar of which piece we would use each day.

Here’s my mistake: I didn’t actually say that we bought the additional set of three wise men, a camel, and gifts. I also didn’t mention that, though our schedule lists two shepherds and two angels, the set comes with only one of each. We plan to use the shepherd’s staff and the angel’s wand for the second shepherd and the second angel.

The response to the advent series has been overwhelming very encouraging! But my errors have caused problems for others as they prepare. It didn’t occur to me that some may wish to do it exactly as we are and find themselves with a confusing lack of pieces. I am very sorry for this! I have been praying that this series would be a blessing to other families with little children, not a headache! I hope this post helps straighten out any confusion and we can begin together tomorrow.

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