of the yarn-wrapped advent wreath

Warm wishes for the season and a happy beginning of Advent, everyone! We’re really looking forward to the celebrations this year, beginning tonight at supper when we will light the first candle in the advent wreath. I’ve been trying to devise an advent wreath for a while, but finally sat down and made it happen last night–just in time! The idea started with a £3 floral foam wreath form that I {almost} walked past in Wilkinson the other day. . .

Want to make one? Here’s what I did:
(1) I inserted the taper candles firmly into the foam where I wanted them to be.
(2) I removed the candles and wrapped the wreath thoroughly with yarn, securing with a thin layer of glue spread on the foam.

(3) I felt where the holes for the candles were and snipped them open with scissors. I needed to add more glue to the snipped yarn ends at this point, pressing them down, so that they wouldn’t fall off the wreath.

(4) I returned the candles to the wreath and circled each with a half-inch band of glue.
(5) I wrapped the red yarn in a circular pattern around each candle (wrapping six times and tucking the end under the circles), lightly tapping down into the glue.

And there it was. In addition to the wreath form, the project required 4 candles, ordinary crafting glue, one and a half small skeins of light green yarn, and a tiny bit of red yarn {all of which I already had}.

And we are ready to celebrate.

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One Response to of the yarn-wrapped advent wreath

  1. mom kirk says:

    this is lovely, Bets. I remember one year all five of us made clay figures with the flour, salt, water recipe and put candles in them for Advent with one in the middle for Christmas Day…ask Alex if he remembers this – it was a fun (and funny) family project…love, mom

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