been thinking more about tintern abbey

 . . . all of that green growing life set in stone, rising roofless from the hillside. I’ve been remembering the arches lasting through the ages, lasting about as long as anything does this side of heaven. And I’ve been thinking of the rare gift of that place and that image. We were griping that day–about the monstrous inconvenience of having to drive into Wales just to get Harriet’s photo taken. Then God brought us into an unexpected place of stillness and indescribable beauty, where even the raindrops falling slowly from the clouds felt like a blessing from him, as indeed they were. It was worship to stand and feel them, shadowed by walls made with human hands but tall enough to suggest another Maker.

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2 Responses to been thinking more about tintern abbey

  1. Lauren says:

    So nice to revisit this with you today! I love your poetic words – how beautifully descriptive!

  2. Courtney says:

    These pictures are incredible. Oh Betsy, I would come visit you in a heartbeat. I feel I learn so much from your blogging about being a good wife and someday mother. Your writing delights me. I can imagine that tea and scones taste better in Oxford too. Someday…

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