a saturday in the cotswolds

The weather was supposed to be glorious. We borrowed a car Saturday and took advantage of it. We drove back into the Cotswolds, a mere forty minutes from Oxford, and explored our hearts out.

The Cotswolds are actually a range of hills in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, but when most people say “the Cotswolds” they really mean the villages. These rolling hills are covered with more than sheep. There are dozens of little settlements, known for their cottages of “Cotswold stone.”

We started in Bibury, now my favorite of those I’ve visited to date. We walked beside the river, where I almost fell in from shock at the beauty.

We wandered to the church, which rose up out of the ground like a mountain, surrounded by roses and cedars. It is another church that will live on in my memory, where I will often visit it.

From the churchyard we saw Bibury Court, an English country house converted to fine country inn. We went inside to read the menu and have a snoop at the architecture. Norah suggested bringing her grandparents there to eat “yunch.” It was a great idea.

It is difficult to know how to describe the things I’ve seen here, in Oxford, in the English countryside. The images will be with me for the rest of my life. I wish so much that I could share them with you, that these poor pictures did them justice. Here’s a few more because I can’t help it.

We had morning tea and scones in the garden of the Swan Inn. It was perfectly perfect.

We then drove on to Cirencester, the “capitol” of the Cotswolds and a much larger town, for a pub lunch and some playground time.

One image I saw there was stunning–again, it was at the church. See the way the stones lean, shoring up the tower? This is a medieval stone buttress.


I’ll be writing about English gardens this week, with more pictures from Bibury. 

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3 Responses to a saturday in the cotswolds

  1. Nina Dunn says:

    Oh what a glorious place you visited! Such beautiful photos. I live in Australia, and even though we have such rugged beauty here, it is just not the same as beautiful English country villages, medieval stone buttresses and the gorgeous countryside! You are blessed. 🙂

  2. Sara Spurlock says:

    I visited the Cotswolds 8 years ago when I studied abroad in Bath. My parents had come out to visit me and we decided to go to those beautiful villages. I absolutely know what you mean, for some reason it is so beautiful and touches your heart and leaves impressions on you. I still remember walking over those little bridges. Thank you for putting pictures up here, it brings me back!

  3. Miriam Boone says:

    thank you for these…the pictures made me think of a Till We Have Faces…”It was when I was the happiest that I longed the most” and “The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all the beauty came from…”

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