if i lived in a little house with this front door

. . . I would read the paper everyday.
. . . I would probably own a green bicycle with a big basket.
. . . I would wear grey wool jumpers.
. . . I would smell of gardenias.
. . . I would bake fruit tarts regularly for tea.
. . . I would know how to paint and play the piano.
. . . I would write eloquent and amusing notes to my sister on embossed stationery.
. . . I would probably be taking lessons in Italian.
. . . my sitting room curtains would be mustard yellow and white
. . . and I’d keep a vase of white hydrangeas in the window.
. . . I would garden in a large straw hat.
. . . I’d have friends in for soup every Sunday night.
. . . my girls would live in muslin with ribbons in their hair.
. . . my husband would walk to work and wear sweater vests and wellies.

No. Scratch that. No sweater vests.

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3 Responses to if i lived in a little house with this front door

  1. Elena says:

    Haha, that all sounds delightful and amazingly like my own life (if I lived in that little house, that is).
    I love each little detail, it makes me want to drink tea!

  2. cailan says:

    Here’s to making the storybook life a little more real…such lovely notions, dear Betsy.

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