of getting ready

There’s something about returning from vacation that colors me blue. For some strange reason I don’t like standing amidst heaps of dirty laundry and luggage, fatigued from a hairy (transatlantic!) journey, clutching exhausted babies with upside-down Circadian rhythms, staring a new week of work in the face. And probably I’ll be standing there with that poignant sense of loss we feel when something we’ve been looking forward to has sped past and is now over.

Can anything be done? My mother taught me this: Leave the house ready to welcome you back. Leave it clean and shining. Once those babies are bathed and tucked into clean beds, dump out the dirty laundry and shove the luggage back into its hiding place. Then plug in the lamps and put the kettle on. Say to yourself, “Isn’t it lovely to be home?”

We’re ready to go. The bed holds two open suitcases–one of gifts, one for all our clothes. I keep revisiting the packed clothes and thinning them out. We don’t need that one. A new backpack for Norah with a few snacks and activities for the plane hides in the closet. My friend has promised to water the garden. Norah has harvested her bean crop (six so far but one, due to overpowering temptation, was prematurely harvested and eaten raw last week).

Also I’ve scrubbed and vacuumed and done all the laundry, mending, and ironing. There are clean sheets on the beds and clean rugs on the floors. The grocery list for our first week back is on the fridge, there’s lasagne in the freezer for our first dinner. We’re ready to come back.

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8 Responses to of getting ready

  1. teamtabb says:

    Wait….are you coming here? To MN? Please do!! 🙂

    I’m usually so busy with getting ready to leave that I just take out the trash before I leave and that’s it! I assume takeout when we return and find it somewhat therapeutic to putter around organizing and cleaning after we get back…somehow it makes it feels more like we’re really home if I putz around, getting stuff back in order.

    I think I should try your method, though. I wonder if I would enjoy that more…then I could read a book, catch up on internet time, or something when we get home instead of putzing. Hm…

  2. Deanna says:

    Have a fabulous time Betsy! And know that along with your clean flat you’ll have eager friends waiting to welcome you all back…

  3. Liz says:

    Oh Betsy!!! I totally agree with you – if I can come home to a clean or at least, tidy, house after vacation it is SO MUCH better!! I like the idea of a meal in the freezer for the first night back. Have a fabulous trip! If you’re going to be in Minneapolis again….we’d love to see you. No pressure, however. Just enjoy your whole trip –

  4. Candace says:

    You are so ahead of the game, dear. And I too LOVE the idea of coming home to a clean house. But taking it one step further with hiding all the traveling stuff and turning on the tea kettle makes it that much better–thanks for that! We are so excited to see you all. XO.

  5. Elena says:

    We share the same “welcome home” philosophy but have never thought to leave a frozen meal–genius I say!

    Hope you have a lovely time with your family.

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