view over oxford

At the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin on the Oxford High. This church was once the core of the University. For three pounds you can still climb its 13th century tower.
If you can manage this . . .
you are rewarded with this:
The Radcliffe Camera and the quadrangle of All Souls.
The Examination Schools on High Street.
One of my favorite views of the High, with southwest Oxford.
Northwest Oxford, toward Jesus College and Lincoln College.
The spire is the bell tower over the lodge at Christ Church, which houses the famous bell “Old Tom.”
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3 Responses to view over oxford

  1. Elena says:

    Beautiful photos! I’ve enjoyed how you captured the quaint and delightful place that you live.

    When we travelled a bit in Germany, I always found it interesting that one paid to exercise (aka, climbing up towers). 🙂

  2. Deanna says:

    Have you had a chance to climb the Sheldonian yet? (Alex can get you in for free!) I’ve decided that minus the lack of proximity to a bathroom, it would make an ideal bedroom. It’s so bright and airy. All it needs is a lovely chandelier, a big soft bed made up with fresh linens, and some of those PJs from that shop TOAST that we visited. Perfection!!

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