everybody loves a train

One of the major perks of living in our neighborhood is the Cutteslowe Miniature Railway. It seems to be a club of mostly elderly men with a shared passion for steam engines. They have an entire system of miniature tracks and they gather on Sundays and bank holidays to tinker with little engines and stoke tiny boilers with coal and delight the hearts of children (and parents) for miles around.

You pay your pound at the ticket window and hand over your ticket to be punched. Then you can keep it as a souvenir. Norah likes to cram them in her purse to be reused for journeys around the living room.

All aboard! They take you around twice just for fun, never failing to sound the steam whistle when they are coming in to the station.

These guys are serious about their trains. (Don’t miss the cup of tea sitting on the engine.)

We like to walk over on Sunday afternoons to ride the train, go to the playground, and have an ice cream. Last time we were there, Father’s Day, some new tracks from the engine house were being built. (“I’ve been workin’ on the railroad . . .”)

The whole experience is absolutely charming. I keep track of when the trains are running so that I can go we can bring the girls.

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One Response to everybody loves a train

  1. Elena says:

    What sweet pictures!

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