of wales

We went to Wales today. Why? Basically it was the closest place to complete Harriet’s UK visa application. (It seems we owe many of our travels to Harriet!) We drove more than two hours to get to the capital city, Cardiff. Harriet’s actual appointment lasted four and half minutes. Why couldn’t they just take her picture somewhere in London or Oxford, you may well ask. I don’t know, is what I will answer. But we decided it was a good opportunity for a fabulous Welsh adventure. We headed into Cardiff this morning for Harriet’s snappy photo shoot and some lunch. Then we stepped a bit out of our way on the trip home in order to visit Tintern Abbey, near Chepstow (“Ohhhhh, near Chepstow. Now I see.”).

I would like to here state that my husband drove an unfamiliar English car (in which the driver sits on the wrong other side) with a manual transmission on the wrong other side of the road through utterly unfamiliar territory in the pouring rain with a baby and a Noisy toddler in the backseat. With a head cold. For more than five hours. And he was never anything but completely patient and charming.

Prince Charming.

(and no, Dear, I will not erase the last paragraph.)

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5 Responses to of wales

  1. Not just prince charming but a very brave prince too!

  2. Candace says:

    Ah, yes of course, near Chepstow. I can picture it now! Haaa. Loved that. You are a funny lady, Betsy 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    You forgot to mention, my dear, the trusty navigator and encourager who was in the car, with a seemingly bottomless bag of toys, snacks, and diversions for the kids and equally bottomless patience. Yr oeddech yn anhygoel.

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