a little bitter with the sweet: of marmalade

I realize that my food posts are funny. They usually run along the lines of, “I really love this and you should, too.” When I started blogging, I’m not sure if I knew what would come out. (When you started reading, you didn’t either, right?) But here’s today: marmalade. 

Orange marmalade. (I really love this and you should, too.) Talk about an English classic. Here’s my question: Have you tried this lately? All you fellow citrus devotees, let not your childhood sampling of this from the jam basket in Perkins put you off forever. Then, with the prejudiced taste buds of the culinary immature you were hoping for something with the flavor profile of orange Jell-O, and you were disappointed. You never got over it. Until today.

It’s time to try it again. Make some coffee in the cafetiere, toast some soft white bread and slather on the butter. (Splurge, okay? You must have real salted butter to bring out the flavors in the marmalade.) Then top with marmalade. My new favorite is pictured here–find a quality brand and go for fine-cut. It’s like biting into a fresh orange: the bitter chewy peel with the sweet soft fruit. Marmalade presents them together in a delicious balance of flavor and texture.

There’s an undeniable hint of bitterness. The contrast of it highlights the subtle sweetness of the orange, the bread, the butter, the coffee. There is now a permanent spot in my mini-fridge for marmalade. We can make it fit. We’ll throw away the ketchup.

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4 Responses to a little bitter with the sweet: of marmalade

  1. Krisie says:

    Thank you for bringing everyone’s taste palates back to one of my all time British faves, although I would argue that a medium cut is just as delicious. 🙂 Keep up the great writing.

  2. Susan says:

    You’re preachin’ to the choir! I love this stuff!

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