of the winner of harriet’s baby hair contest

Many thanks to everyone who participated in The Baby Hair Contest with contest entries and comments! Each baby was so precious–when our judges sat down to make a final choice things got really hairy. But they did (with your help) finally reach a conclusion. Make that two conclusions.

It is an honor to present our two grand prize winners. (And I finally managed larger sizes with the help of my Hubbs. I wish I could say it was difficult. But it was so basic I feel like an idiot.)  

First, one grand prize for the incredible all-natural two-toned mohawk of Baby Katherine. Readers may be interested to note below that Katherine’s mohawk is a thing of the past. Look at the lovely locks on this child today! Congratulations, Katherine!

We are delighted to award the grand prize to Baby Caroline also! Our judges simply could not believe the hair on her head. (We are assured by a reader in Montana that this is not a wig!) She appears below at seven and eight months old. Congratulations, Caroline!

Our two hairy winners will receive a copy of one of our favorite English children’s books by post. To claim, email partofthemain@gmail.com with the shipping address at which you wish to receive it. Harriet would like to personally thank each contestant, as well as those who stepped up to show their support.

This contest was sponsored by the letter H and the number 1.

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