of friends and kindred spirits

Did you ever have a friend just drop in on you . . . and you knew it was a gift from God?

This last week these guys dropped in from over in Texas.

They crossed an ocean with their precious five-months-old daughter. They braved expenses and jet lag and being dragged around on buses. Just to see us.

 We finally met their sweet Felicity and we introduced them to Harriet. Look at these two little cabbages, born just three weeks apart.

We wandered all over Oxford and the surrounding countryside together. We sat over English ale and proper tea and went out for Indian food. We talked and laughed and cried and played vintage board games. (Some cried after playing. Some laughed.)

They are so dear to us.

It was a sweet, sweet treat.

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3 Responses to of friends and kindred spirits

  1. Haley says:

    Oh! I am so jealous… of all of you! You seeing them, them seeing you. Maybe I’ll have my own chance sometime!

  2. mom k says:

    Oh Bets, how happy I am for you! What dear friends – gifts from God indeed! I am so happy to see the pictures(especially the one of Harriet and Felicity AND you and Erin And Alex and Jonathan) and hear that you went for Indian…what did you think of the decor??? The new banner is incredible – we don’t have roses like that here…the last picture of Norah is adorable – how old is she? Four?? Tell her that I can’t wait to give her my own hugs and kisses…love, mom

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