because i can’t help it

…more of Harriet’s hair

:::Have you entered the Baby Hair Contest yet? We’ve received some pretty rockin’ hairstyles, but our panel of judges are eagerly waiting for more! Send your photo with Baby’s first name to

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3 Responses to because i can’t help it

  1. I am very to sorry to say – I had no “rock star” babies – our boys were bald!
    It is so interesting that her hair is the opposite of Nora’s and what alot of hair she has!
    She makes me smile!

  2. therigneys says:

    i am sad i can’t enter this contest. Sam didn’t get hair until a few months ago 😦

    • WHO SAYS you can’t enter?? Hairless and older babies are totally accepted. Any child under two with at least ONE HAIR is in it. Come on, people. What have you got to lose??

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