the baby hair contest

Before Harriet was born, we did a baby name contest. Now that she’s one-half, it’s time for another. Introducing the baby hair contest. Inspired by and dedicated to Harriet.

Have a great photo of your baby’s hair? Here’s how to play:
1) You don’t have to be a momma. Aunties and friends please enter also! No limit on number of entries. Some of you have lots of weird hair pics and you won’t be able to decide, we want to spare you the stress.
2) Submit a photo (attached to an email) to Include baby’s first name only and tell us why you think it should win.

We’ll post the finalists in about two weeks. Comments will be duly considered by our judges, and the winner will receive one of our favorite English children’s books by mail.

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3 Responses to the baby hair contest

  1. Kristin says:

    I do have one very hairy little girl on my hands. However, her hair isn’t long enough to win any contests! Not yet, at least…

    Harriet’s hair is very fun! Has Norah introduced her to “hair pretties” yet?

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