happily ever after

My favorite moments include: Watching the wedding guests arrive like so many tropical birds, hats and fascinators at the perfect angle, heads at the perfect angle when stepping out of the Bentleys so as not to disarrange the hats. Her Majesty the Queen last of all, clothed in dignity and canary yellow, singing the hymns in enormous eyeglasses. The Dress, of course, and even more so the dress of the bride’s sister (was that on the racks when I was getting married? Somehow I missed it). The Royal couple heading the parade in a landau pulled by four white horses. (“Mommy, where they going?” “They’re going to happily-ever-after, Norah.”) Also, the double kiss on the balcony came off nicely and rain did not fall on the future monarch. What were your favorite moments?

My aforementioned beloved sister, watching the wedding before dawn in the USA, dressed precious Harper for the occasion. “I’m officially that crazy mom who dresses up her poor children for fun,” she says.

Seriously who does things like that?
(Wish Norah had a white dress.)

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7 Responses to happily ever after

  1. Em says:

    Lovely recap, Duchess of Oxford. Harper did not seem to share Norah’s interest, but our favorite moments include the shot of the Queen sweetly dozing during the ceremony, the gasp over the Prime Ministers wife not wearing a hat to the Abbey, Kate’s first regal wave after stepping out of the car, the trees, and the hats!!!!!

  2. Julia says:

    Very fun post. I particularly like your response to Norah’s question. A favorite moment of mine was had when I walked outside to hear the bells of churches throughout Oxford chiming in joyous celebration of the nuptials.

    Really enjoying your blog, Betsy!

  3. Erin says:

    I have a problem. I can’t stop watching the wedding, highlights, backstories or any other program remotely related to it.

    Favorite moments: harry’s mischievous grin as she walked down the aisle supposedly saying, “wait til you see her”, the adorable double kiss, the wonderful display of chivalry throughout, and so many more.

    I’m such a goober.

  4. Deanna says:

    Oh yes! Pippa was lovely wasn’t she?! Head to toe!

  5. liz says:

    LOVED all of it!! Mari and I are looking for more pictures and more pictures….I’m with you – the gentle wave, the smiles, the kiss (and then the 2nd kiss) and most importantly for me…my young son who wasn’t too keen on the idea of flying to England this summer is now on the team. “Are there REAL castles there mom?” “Yup, Anders; REAL castles.” “I’m in!” he replies!! 🙂 Hopefully, we will see you soon!!

  6. Peggy says:

    It was all amazing..the beautiful bride (and maid of honor surrounded by the little ones), the music, the biblical readings , the prayer written by the bride and groom (is that protocol?), the kisses…so much magic.
    I too remember watching the last royal wedding and realized I was exactly my Mary’s age at that time, 30 years ago!

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