a spode’s a spode

I almost walked past this on a table full of miscellaneous discarded breakables at a windy outdoor market this afternoon. The cardboard sign said £2 each. I had just one lonely pound coin. Would she take it? She would. She introduced it to a shiny pile of new friends in a moneybox and I walked off grinning, hugging my treasure. Bless you, ungreedy woman.

It’s Spode. I’ve read about Spode many times–it’s one of the oldest and best known lines of earthenware and porcelain in England. This is a sample from a recent line, but it has that Spode Flemish Green England trademark on the bottom, just for me. It’s actually a coffee pot, though I will use it for tea. Hope it’s not too wide to sit on the rim of the bathtub.

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3 Responses to a spode’s a spode

  1. mom kirk says:

    Bets, what a treasure! I loved the story – it looks blue-greener on skype…what a neat photo…I hope that you enjoy many a cup of tea from it! love, mom

  2. Elena says:

    What a lovely little treasure!

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