royal wedding

The wedding in cake in a local baker’s window

Three days from now one-third of the world population will be watching Prince William wed Kate Middleton. Will Americans watch the wedding? It may be a national holiday in England but in the States, presumably, business as usual? After all, a while back we spent quite a lot of effort to overthrow the Crown. We don’t do kings and queens unless you’re talking mattresses. So what care we for a princess? Surely the two billion wedding watchers will not include Americans, those champions of freedom and participants in democracy. (Also, how many man-hours of economic productivity would be lost nationwide if workers took a few hours out of Friday morning just to watch a long white dress clear the doorway of Westminster Abbey?)

Will Americans watch the wedding? Of course they will. I still remember Diana. I can see her in her wedding dress if I shut my eyes. But perhaps I’m not really remembering the coverage–which was apparently filmed from the rafters, seeming as it did to consist of watching the progress of a skinny white triangle down a long red-carpeted runner–but instead the paper dolls. We had Diana in paper, my beloved sister and I, and thus I am forever well-acquainted with her wardrobe.

I can’t wait. There’s a sense of building excitement around here, just 59 miles from Buckingham. People are making plans for Friday and the newsstands are plastered with Kate, Kate, William, and more Kate. A friend and fellow ex-pat is throwing a Royal Wedding Party on Friday. I told her I’d wear my wedding dress, which is a lie as it lives in Connecticut and no longer zips. Perhaps Norah and Harriet and I can find some tiaras. It will be lovely. The only thing that would make it better is if I could watch it with my sister.

Come on, friends, I’m interested in your comments today. Are you watching the wedding? What are your plans? Anybody out there have memories of Charles and Diana?

When we were in London early this month large areas of Green Park were already fenced off to prepare for the world-wide media bonanza. Approaching Buckingham Palace there were a few early birds out there for a story-before-the-story, filming the blocked areas. 

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13 Responses to royal wedding

  1. Micki Haavisto says:

    I guess since I didn’t know it was happening this Friday, I probably won’t be watching!!!
    🙂 Micki!

    • Alex says:

      Me neither, Micki. Even though I absolutely hyperventilate over all the latest celebrity hairdos and glam, this Friday afternoon will find me where I am almost every Friday afternoon. Parked on my duff in the library.

      • Sweetie, why do you need to be on your duff in the library when an esteemed scholar like Hafe will be watching. . . Want me to find a fourth tiara?

      • Alex says:

        I am humbled by the example of my senior scholar. Still, I’m afraid it’s not for me. If I want to indulge in hours of TV with excessive media hype, endless buildup, and animated commentary before, during, and after the event, I’ll stay up on Thursday night to watch . . . the NFL Draft! Yeah! That’s real dynasty building baby!

  2. Kirstjen Pratt says:

    I’m actually excited that my 3 month old twins wake up right about 4:00 am to eat…that’s when the coverage begins stateside. Hopefully it’s not the night they choose to start sleeping all the way through! 🙂

  3. I must admit I am a ‘loyal royal’ and Yes Indeed I shall be watching.
    – it would be much more enjoyable to watch it with you and your princesses
    – but the “Hafe” will have to do 🙂

    I convinced him to watch Project Runway… I think I can win him over to
    a wedding of alumni of St. Andrews. Why it’s practically a job obligation!

  4. Dorea says:

    I would, except I have rehearsals until late on Thursday and Friday nights, and teaching during the day. So getting up at 5am or earlier is not going to happen. I bet I can watch it on YouTube later. 🙂

  5. Em says:

    Sister! I wish more than anything I could be there with you…I haven’t found anyone here who appreciates the significance of this event enough to rise at 4am to watch with me. Harper and I will be in our finest and I suppose I should make crumpets for breakfast. 🙂

  6. Laura Sienko says:

    Me and my roommates will not be sleeping Thursday night… the royal wedding definitely takes precedence. I hope my teachers see it as I do the next day. I remember walking through Green Park up to Buckingham Palace just a little over a year ago. If only I could be there now! Hope all is well, and tell everyone hello : )!

  7. Oh! My sister and I had the Diana paper dolls too! Loved them so much!

    I am THRILLED for the wedding but I haven’t decided if I can do the 4 am wakeup or if I will record it and watch with friends later.

    Either way….I am super excited…..mostly about THE DRESS!!

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