to london at last and deja vu

Today Harriet became a citizen of the United States of America. We took a day trip to London to achieve this, and spent hours and dollars at the United States Embassy. We finished in plenty of time for a look about.

I have read thousands of words on thousands of pages about London. I have read so much about it, both fiction and non, that in a way it was strangely familiar. (We walked past where Peter Wimsey’s flat at 110a Piccadilly would be–it’s the Park Lane Hotel.) Or maybe it seemed familiar because it has a flavor much like Boston; the cobbles, the grand buildings, the shady tree-lined streets, the cuisines and languages of the world, the sense of history. But it shouldn’t have seemed so familiar because I have never been to London before.

I saw London for the first time on foot with a nursing baby and a newly potty-trained toddler. It was absolutely wonderful. Alex took us on a walking tour from Grosvenor Square to Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey to Trafalgar Square…I approve of it, as Elizabeth says to Mr. Darcy of Pemberly. “I have never seen a place more happily situated. I approve of it very much indeed.”

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Trafalgar Square

Lord Nelson

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4 Responses to to london at last and deja vu

  1. love this post! can’t wait to be on your side of the great pond!

  2. erinthicks says:

    So glad yall got to London!
    Sorry to be all business-y, but how did you transport the girls? Did you take a double stroller or carry H in a Bjorn? Still debating if we want to buy an umbrella stroller for getting around airport, Oxford and London, or just carry her in the Ergo. I’d love to hear your thoughts after going to London. 🙂


    • We brought the double. Worked great. We both think you’ll want the Ergo carrier and a simple lightweight stroller for both London and Oxford. Hurry up and get here already!!! Can’t wait.

      ps. do you need a pack ‘n play for F? We have one but it’s Harriet’s “crib”–poor child. Do we need to borrow another? (Glad to do it if needed.)

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