i wonder how long it will be…

before I no longer feel urged to photograph my tea.

For Alex, with gratitude for giving me the gift of Tuesday afternoons.

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4 Responses to i wonder how long it will be…

  1. Jon says:

    I hope never. I feel relaxed just looking at it.

  2. Candace says:

    Oops…forgot to change the name…that was me not Jon, haha.

  3. therigneys says:

    Keep it up! Maybe one day you will convince me to start drinking tea! 🙂

    Tell me more about these lovely Tuesdays that Alex is giving you?! Good job, Alex!

  4. That tea looks absolutely lovely. A real proper cream tea! I’m jealous. Whenever my dad and I go to England, we treat ourselves to cream tea in Devonshire. The south of England is quite beautiful, I think, and everything seems more beautiful when there is a cup of tea in your hand!

    Your posts are lovely – thank you for sharing.

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