valentine’s day miracle

Today my heart’s somewhere in Utah where a brave young woman I’ve never met will bring my niece into the world.

My precious sister–she of my first best friendship (by which I have measured all other friendships)–and her husband will welcome their daughter.

They will greet her with tears of delight and fulfillment. They will hold her, filled with awe at this tiny delicate person entrusted to them.

She is their child.
The child of their hearts and prayers.

Planned, created, and timed by God.

She’s a gift.
She’s a grace.

Harper Grace.

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7 Responses to valentine’s day miracle

  1. Haley says:

    What a happy day! Thanks for sharing. Harper is beautiful, and I’m so happy for your sister.

  2. Erin says:

    Ooooohhhhhh!!! I was hoping this was the big news you were waiting for!! Happy day! What an amazing blessing for emily and your whole fam. And all those girl cousins–what could be better?!

  3. Keli says:

    Congrats Emily!! How exciting! one of my great friends just adopted right before Christmas…it’s an amazing gift! So happy for everyone!

  4. Mom & Dad N. says:

    Betsy, your thought is conceived of God and so beautifully written!
    Having now personally experienced how adoption can grip my heart – I was stunned by the fact that I too have been adopted. God, in His glorious grace adopted me as His own. His plans are all for good, through Him I have a glorious future and an abiding hope.

    Congratulations Em and Ben!

  5. nateandmiriam says:

    Thank you for posting that. How beautiful…

  6. therigneys says:

    Yay! SO happy for Emily, I bet you are thrilled to be an aunt again! 🙂 Has this inspired some knitting on your part?

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