go patriots

Tonight at our house, something big is going down. The New England Patriots play arch-rival New York Jets in the second round of the NFL playoffs. We are New England Fans. Alex by blood (or birthright, if you will), me by marriage.

Have you noticed the recent trend at bridal showers to distribute index cards or stationery bits and have people jot down a word of wisdom or advice for the about-to-be-bride? The hard part has always been to know what to write. Of late I always write the same thing. It is my one piece of Marriage Advice, offered to you here today free of charge: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That’s it. It means genuinely interest yourself in the interests of your spouse. I started watching the New England Patriots with Alex somewhere around 2003, half bored in the beginning. By 2007 I was almost as devastated as he was by the Almost-Perfect Season ending in a Superbowl defeat to the Giants the game that shall not be named. I know the team, I love the game, I’m not gnashing my teeth in the kitchen every Sunday afternoon for six months. (Unless it’s because I have to pull the nachos out of the oven and we’re on offense.)

Here I am at Patriots Training Camp 2009 at Foxboro Stadium. I’ve hardly missed a game in six years. Truth is, I’m hooked. I genuinely love it. Especially the Patriots. I can see how, if your husband was a Steelers fan or a Forty-Niners fan, this type of support would take more courage and effort. Fortunately the Patriots are a solid organization with good leadership and strong values. They also tend to win.

Tonight/this afternoon they’re going to take the field at Foxboro and play sixty minutes of football in all three phases of the game. They will hopefully clinch a definitive victory over the Jets for the second time this season and head to the AFC Championship with a record of 15-2. GO PATRIOTS.

Norah at two months old.

My girls and Goat gearing up for the playoffs. (video here)


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7 Responses to go patriots

  1. Alex says:

    Bursting with pride, right now. Bursting . . .

  2. therigneys says:

    In your honor, Alex, we were rooting for the Pats. Sorry for your loss, I mean their loss.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Sad that the Patriots lost today. Sadder that the Jets were the ones who beat them.

    But the 49ers jab did not go unnoticed.

  4. Auntie Candace says:

    Norah & Harriet are the two cutest fans I ever did see.

  5. Liz says:

    Well…we wondered if you would be able to watch the game. This game was my WORST NIGHTMARE!! Two teams I have grown up “not cheering for” – (that’s the nice way to say “I detest them BOTH”). BUT…Alex and Betsy I am sorry for your loss. It was not a pretty game. And to add insult to injury, next week the Bears will be playing the Packers. AND the Steelers will be playing the Jets.

    All said and done, I will say this – I agree with the above comment – Norah and Harriet ARE the cutest fans I’ve ever seen; goat included!! 🙂

    Miss watching football with you guys!!

  6. Kyle wisdom says:

    I’m still in mourning over the playoff loss. Thankfully the Jets lost their next one, that helped a little.

  7. Dorea Cook says:

    I know I’m late to this post, but you’re absolutely right… if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! I wear my Packers Super Bowl shirt with pride, and I have (sometimes) intense discussions with my husband on the ins and outs of Our Team. One of the highlights of last winter was the Pats/Pack game in December – we went with my dad, who is a life long Pats fan!

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