you can call me mommy

Norah trudged into our room this morning while I was making the bed.
“Hi, Bet-sy!”
I turned and stared at her.
“Yuh name’s Bet-sy!” She declared.

I’m not sure when, if ever, I pictured my children calling us by our first names, but it wasn’t at age two. Yet somehow Norah has recently realized that Mommy has a name, and it is Betsy, and Daddy has a name also, and it is Alex. She is very interested in this fact. Nay, I would say fascinated.

A few days ago on a bus from the city she suddenly started introducing us to everyone present at the top of her lungs.
“Hi, Bet-sy! Hi, Aye-ex! Yuh name’s Aye-ex! Aye-ex! Yuh name’s Bet-sy! BET-sy!”
She was surprised that no one else found this fact as impressive as she did, so she continued to greet us more and more loudly most of the way to our stop.

Last night while I was prepping dinner she came in the kitchen and informed me that my name was Betsy, and then stated, “I wan’ some app-o juice. App-o juice, Bet-sy.”
“My name is Betsy, ” I said, “but you get to call me Mommy.”
“Bet-sy,” she said.
“My name is Betsy just like your name is Norah,” I tried. “But I want you to call me Mommy.”
“My name’s Nowah! Name’s Nowah!” she said.
“That’s right!”
She smiled at me as she said, “But you can call me Mommy.”

I realized something from all of this. I’ve always thought kids should call their parents Mommy and Daddy or the equivalent because it’s respectful. But I never thought about what a wonderful privilege it is, to be able to say “Mommy” and “Daddy.” More than that, how sweet it is to be the one hearing those words in high-pitched little voices from little mouths. It isn’t just because of respect, it’s because it identifies the very close, special relationship between us. It’s an expression of the bond we share forever. There’s so much love there. It makes me delight in the God who wants us to call him “Father.”

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9 Responses to you can call me mommy

  1. What wonderful thoughts and written beautifully!

  2. Mom & Dad N. says:

    It is so amazing that the Creator of the universe wants and allows us to call Him “Father.” The thoughts you shared today were so encouraging! Love, Mom

  3. Keli Tetzlaff says:

    Good thoughts Betsy… or should i call you friend?! 🙂

  4. therigneys says:

    So funny and sweet! Sam recently started calling Joe, “Doe!” “Hey, Doe!”…He noticed over the holidays that everyone was able to get his daddy’s attention if they said, “Joe!”, so he thought he would give it a try. Joe says, “I’m Daddy to you, Son!”

  5. Jonathan says:

    You are a great story teller. I can perfect Norah saying it just as you write it.

    Some of your readers want to hear updates on Alex. Does he study more than at GC? How difficult is it for him to be so far away from the Patriots? How is pen scanner note taking system working? Does he get royalties for being on GC’s frontpage (

    • Alex says:

      Hicks, I got to jump in here. Here are some brief answers to your questions:

      1) Yes, I probably do study more since I don’t have a part-time job now. On the other hand, I think I have a more balanced life.
      2) My family graciously got us an NFL GamePass as a real early Christmas present so we could watch the games. And everything is good as long as your team is winning, has a head coach and a quarterback, and plays in a respectable division. 🙂 I keep encouraging Betsy to do a post on the Patriots . . .
      3) The pen scanner has not been very successful, but I have designed a new system for taking notes on books that I am really happy with.
      4) As a former GCTS model yourself you should know whether I am getting royalties. And I must say, when I posed for that picture, I had NO IDEA that it would end up on the homepage. Embarrassing . . .

    • If anyone cites Alex’s picture as their reason for attending, we get half of their tuition. It’s a great little system.

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