more meat and potatoes: sausages and mash

I had to. It’s a British classic. You can’t avoid all of the unphotogenic stuff. The watercress soup wasn’t very far outside my Culinary Comfort Zone, but this one was. I think what made me do it was that I recently acquired a bottle of truly wonderful Marsala and the recipe included an onion gravy with Marsala.


Delicious. Not kidding, not exaggerating, delicious. This was hearty, flavorful, savory–we’re going to carry this one with us to remind us of our time here.

Sausages and Mash with Onion Gravy

8 sausages
1 TBS. oil
3 onions, halved and thinly sliced
2.5 oz. butter
4 oz. Marsala
4 oz. vegetable stock
salt and pepper
2 lb. floury potatoes, peeled and chunked
2 oz. butter
3 tbs. milk
2 tbs. chopped fresh parsley (or less)
salt and pepper

1.  cook sausages slowly in frying pan with the oil (i think with American sausages you could leave out the oil) over low heat. Cover and turn sausages from time to time, you want them well-cooked and sticky. They will take 25-30 minutes.

2. Cook the potatoes in lg. pan of boiling water for 15-20, drain well and mash with masher until smooth. Stir in butter, milk, parsley, salt and pepper

3. Meanwhile, prepare the onion gravy by placing the onions in a frying pan with the butter and frying over a low heat until soft, stirring continuously. Continue to cook until they are brown and almost melting, stirring from time to time. This will take about 30 minutes (!), but it’s worth it as the onions will carmelize.

4. Pour in the Marsala and stock (into the onions) and continue to bubble away until the onion gravy is really thick (Just took a couple minutes). Season with salt and pepper to taste.

5. Serve the sausages really hot with the mashed potato and the onion gravy spooned over the top.

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6 Responses to more meat and potatoes: sausages and mash

  1. Peggy says:

    recipe, please! And Happy New Year,
    **** Family! We love you!!

    • I didn’t put the recipe Peg cuz I figured no one would want it, but let me tell you it is SO GOOD and you won’t be sorry. Emailing it to you right away. And Happy New Year, and we miss you guys!!

  2. Mom & Dad N. says:

    I would love the recipe too! One problem we’ll have in the states, however, is the fact that we will not find sausages as delicious as the “bangers” in England. In my opinion, they are far superior. I have fond memories of having them with you. Love, Mom

  3. Patsy says:

    Have you encountered ice bags yet? I just threw out five of them that I saved since 1995. Why hang onto them? Because they are the most unique kitchen tool that I encountered in Scotland. Not all that useful, I might add. Instead using plastic ice cube trays, you freeze water in a very thin, blue bag that has “pod” protuberances. The pods freeze into “cubes,” you rip the plastic off, and you have ice for your drinks.
    There wasn’t much Rubbermaind-type plasticware in Scotland, but I think it is way less wasteful than ice bags. Why did I think about this? Ice is everywhere in Connecticut.

  4. ArdRhi says:

    i used to go to a restaurant in Philadelphia that specialized in hearty English food. I’d have bangers ‘n mash quite often, and got to love it.

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