happy christmas!

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5 Responses to happy christmas!

  1. Peggy says:

    Merry, Happy Christmas to you all! What a beautiful family! We miss and love you!
    Thanks for keeping a wonderful blog!
    Peggy, Paul and All!

  2. Scott and I are standing here looking at your beautiful family and
    feel excited for you – God bless each of you in the year ahead!
    We always smile when we think of the years ahead for you –
    we are sure of God’s good purposes and plans for you.

    Every joy and blessings,
    Scott and Debara

    One of my first grade sunday schoolers brought her dolly to SS…last week.
    We played a game – If you could choose…ex. would you bow before baby Jesus or would you ask Mary if you could hold him? – One of my little girls said; I know this isn’t on a card….but If I could I would want baby jesus to be a girl!
    I thought “we are not going to rewrite biblical history in this class!”
    and then smiled as I saw her look down at her dolly – and then a very smart little
    Cameron said; “The prophets fortold a son! He had to be a son! Still it made me think of Nora and wondered if she might wish Jesus was a goat……because of all the love she showers on him! Merry Christmas

  3. erinthicks says:

    My heart gets all full and happy seeing this beautiful pic…and then it hurts a little because I miss you all so much. I hope your first Christmas in Oxford as a family of four is rich and blessed and worshipful. Love you all so much

  4. Jill says:

    You guys look great! So good to see you all together as a family : ) Hope you had a blessed Christmas and New Years!

  5. Ron and Connie S says:

    What a great photo! May your family be greatly blessed and bless others during your stay in England!

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