who’s who?

At one week old my daughters look very much alike. Can you tell who is who?

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10 Responses to who’s who?

  1. toni says:

    I have to believe that the one of the right is Norah….

  2. Liz says:

    My vote is….Harriet on the left!

  3. Deanna says:

    Incredible! They are both just perfect!

  4. Haley says:

    Good heavens, I have no idea!

  5. Patsy says:

    top Harriet
    bottom Norah

  6. Peggy says:

    I’m going with Nora is on the left..
    and the answer is?!
    praying for you’all and so happy for you!

  7. therigneys says:

    Harriet on the Left. Norah on the Right. Harriet had more hair at birth (I think) and I remember Norah’s eye being more narrow- like the picture on the right.

    I’m right, right?

  8. Haley says:

    Did you ever tell us which is Harriet? I’m still curious!

  9. caitlinbrian says:

    Just found this!! I am guessing Norah on right before checking my answer via the link…

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