Prayer time at our house has become a daily contest to see if we can keep from laughing. Norah has an increasing list of requests and things to add, unprompted, that she announces before we pray. The list grows a little longer each day, as she rapidly looks around for ideas and states as many things as she can. If she forgets to tell us before we start, her little voice interrupts with her list as we begin. Then whoever is praying has the task of adding in her list without laughing.

Mommy: Ready to pray and say thank you to God for our dinner?
Norah: My passy and Goat and Baby!
Mommy: Yes, okay. Dear Lord, we want to thank you for giving us this food to eat, and for Norah’s passy and Goat and her Baby–
Norah: and my juice and my milk and my blue ball…
Mommy (struggling): –Yes, and for Norah’s juice and her milk and her blue ball…Amen.
Norah: Mommy yaughing? Mommy yaughing (at) No-ah?

It’s hard! The keys for me are to go slowly through her list biting back the rising laugh after each item, and not, under any circumstances, to look at Alex. He usually does better at keeping a straight face and an even tone. But last night she got him. We were praying at bedtime and Norah threw in her list a bit late, after he’d begun. Only this time, after her pacifier, her Goat, her Baby, and her Nana (who arrives today), she was casting around for something and came out with “my bumber.” (Which in our household has always been my term for her bottom.) That did it. I sat there, beside her little bed in the dark holding her tiny pudgy hand and shaking furiously with pent-up laughs. And Alex’s voice shook when he thanked God for “Norah and all of her little body.”

But she has the right idea. What do we have that we did not receive? It’s 4:23 in the morning and, being about to have a baby, I can’t sleep. So I’m sitting there remembering Norah’s various prayers and I suddenly feel so thankful. God has given us so much.

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4 Responses to thankfulness

  1. erinthicks says:

    well, it’s 4:48am here in Dallas, and I’m awake, eating a bowl of cereal and reading about my sweet Norah and Bets and Alex because I can’t sleep either. i already miss yall like crazy, and then you go and share this precious story, and I miss you even more. say thanks to Norah for the reminder that all that we have is from Him. love you

  2. Connie Sundquist says:

    She is so right on track with the Thanksgiving for all. Even our ‘correction’ times are vital for our learning and growing! Praying for God’s hand of blessing and direction for each day for your precious little family.

  3. Shelley Doyle says:

    I really look forward to reading your blog Betsy.

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