On the bus this morning, a little English lady in a pink mackintosh made me very happy. She was forced to come into the street to get on the bus because there was a truck parked in the lane in front of the bus stop. The bus driver simply stopped in the main lane, thus holding up a line of traffic behind while she boarded.

She stumped up to the driver’s window to pay her fare and exclaimed in shrill English tones, “I cannot imagine a more un-intelligent place to pawk a bus!”

She then took a seat next to another passenger, and subdued mutterings came from them both from which just phrases were distinguishable. “…don’t think they consider a-tall, do they?” “…quite…” “…ridiculous…” “…typical.” It wasn’t long before a number of bus passengers were involved in this discussion.

Norah and I were some of the first to disembark, but I just had to wait and watch her final interaction with the driver. So I fussed over Norah’s buggy until she left the bus. I couldn’t make out what she said to him, but as it involved a brisk pat on his shoulder, I imagine she approved of his parking at the city stop.

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2 Responses to typical

  1. Rosanne Fischer says:

    Hello Betsy, Alex, Norah and Harriet Dyne! Rosanne, Mark, Laura, Amelia, John and Kara have just visited your blog! We had Abram on Skype, and he went to the blog as well to see baby Harriet. We missed you all today! We wish you a very blessed Day. We hope to skype with you from our home on December 26th when all the Fischer’s are here!

    Love, prayers and mega-hugs to all four of you!

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