four pounds well spent

A few days ago while making dinner I overheard Alex remark to Norah in the living room: “Look, it’s a bowl. Should we feed your Baby? What should we feed Baby and Goat?” Norah wanted to offer them some eggs.

This morning I did something else I Never Do (I don’t even know myself any more, seriously). I bought my child an un-birthday present in a store just because she loved it.

A new friend and I went to TK Maxx. No, that is not a typo. Legend has it that some English businessman found the goldmine that is TJ Maxx in the United States and reinvented it for the English, creatively altering the name so it might not be too closely identified. For my curious Maxxinista friends, it is basically the same store with English merchandise and higher prices.

I found baskets for the flat, an umbrella, and a pepper grinder at the store. Norah found a miniature shopping basket of plastic food. I realized what a big part of our lives here marketing has become when she knew exactly what to do with it–load her groceries in and out, in and out. (She’s learned some other things here as well. She handed me a can of soup from her basket today and told me it was “nine pounds.”) She was so happy. In checkout I suddenly went back and grabbed it. This is an investment in her shopping future: I am happy to report that the basket contains, among other things, broccoli, cans of chicken broth, and whole milk. (Also french fries and sugar puffs cereal. Oh well.)

While making dinner tonight I overheard this from Alex in the living room: “Oh Norah, now we can cook all kinds of delicious meals for Baby and Goat!”

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One Response to four pounds well spent

  1. Miriam Boone says:

    so cute…

    when i lived in oxford, i got in the habit of grocery shopping almost every day, partly because i got around only on my bike so I could never take very many groceries home at once…and partly because i was never very good at planning ahead…i enjoyed it…and now that i’m back in the states and trying to feed my husband and whoever else is staying at our house dinner every night, i find myself making almost daily trips to the grocery store because now it feels strangely boring to buy everything we need for two weeks at a time…

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