dogs must not foul the verge

I’ve been thinking a bit about cleanliness these days. (Side note: a favorite expression of the English, it seems, is “bit”–everything is a bit. You’re a bit hungry, so you have a nice bit of bread, and then walk a bit, because you’d like a bit of quiet and the neighbor’s drum set is a bit noisy.) We’ve been doing a bit of cleaning, which always makes me wonder, What is it about a clean, orderly space that is so satisfying? It goes beyond sanitation and even aesthetics. It resonates with some part of myself and makes me happy. I’d say this, too: it’s true of everyone to some extent. Even people that don’t clean their homes like rules to make sure the byways are kept to a certain level of order. (Sign on my new road in Oxford: “DOGS MUST NOT FOUL THE VERGE.”) Presumably the former tenants of this flat did not want dogs to foul the verge, in spite of the fact that they may have fouled the kitchen.

Fellow homemaking housecleaning types, don’t you think that cleanliness must truly be next to godliness? Or at least a bit of it? After all, God is the creator of all order and beauty and we are made in his image. All I have to say is, if cleanliness is part of godliness, the living room and kitchen of our flat got a lot more a bit more godly today.

Addendum: Does anyone know a trick for getting a bit of pen off the walls? It seems the former tenants had a creative child with a penchant for murals.

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5 Responses to dogs must not foul the verge

  1. therigneys says:

    Bets- I completely resonate with with this. For instance, I stayed up last night until 11:30 completely cleaning my new kitchen top to bottom (including touch up paint on the walls and cleaning out the fridge). Something about completing this task made me feel as though I would sleep better at night…and I did!

    Concerning the pen on your wall. The sarcastic side of me thought “yea, paint over it!” but knowing that you probably can’t paint your flat…is there any chance you packed a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser? 🙂 I’ve hear rubbing alcohol or shaving cream can help, the last resort would be hairspray.

    • Thanks for the ideas, J, you are the best! And way to go on the kitchen!! Don’t you think you had a better day today because of it? Not to mention Sam, he was (internally) rising up and calling you blessed all morning, I just know it.

  2. Liz says:

    All I have to say is this – I LOVE your blog. I am living vicariously through every experience you share!! Thank you!

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